Youth Leagues


We believe that children deserve to play soccer and not only at a young age. Thus, we have listened to some of your feedback and have changed some of our youth leagues. We hope that these changes are positive and will continue to create a homegrown youth league for the older ages.

For 2019, we have moved the U12s out from the child league structure and given the league its own format.

The first change we are making: we have increased the playing time to 1.5 hrs. 10 and 11 year olds want to play and play longer.

The second change we are making to the program: This league is from now on not just a NHCA league but a local recreational soccer league under the leadership of NHCA and SoccerTech. This allows other local communities to join and more teams to be registered. More teams = more fun.

With that change, we did not want to add the U12s into the Inter Community House League as travel could get rather lengthy but want to ensure that travel in this program is capped around 15 minutes at most. Travel to Skyview from Northern Hills will reflect this as much as travel from Arbour Lake to Northern Hills.

In our desire to make this league as functional for all, we have made a third change: each team will have a practice day and a game day. Each practice day is in their home community and coaches will be paired up with a local team to practice and potentially scrimmage (for those smaller communities, the practice day might include an inter-squad scrimmage).

In other words, travel will be minimal and no more than once a week and more than likely, only once every two weeks.

It is our plan to grow this league structure from U12 to U14 and onward over the next years. Communities included in this years U12 program will feature Northern Hills, Arbour Lake, Citadel, Ranchlands, Dalhousie, Varsity, Nolan Hill, Evanston, Skyview and potentially others.

For our program at Arbour Lake, it will likely mean that we will have to combine them with players from nearby communities.

U15 and U16/18

This program will be registered into the Intercommunity House League for 2019. U15 is a new age group for ICHL and is gender-specific, U16/18 is a mixed gender program. Details for this league will be available on the ICHL website: